Summary Info


Host Country: Vietnam
Team Capacity: 60 Teams
Cost: 350 USD per delegate 
Dates: 18th July to 28th July, 2023

Details Schedule:

Day 1, Tuesday (18th July)  — Arrival of participants

Day 2, Wednesday (19th July)

Judge Training

Team Manager’s Meeting

Free Day for Tours for Debaters and Officials (sign up needed)

Opening Ceremony/Championship Dinner

Day 3, Thursday (20th July)

Round 1  — Prepared Debate

Round 2  — Prepared Debate

Tournament Committee Meeting 1 (if needed)

Day 4, Friday (21st July)

Round 3 —  Impromptu Debate

Round 4  — Impromptu Debate

Vietnam Night

Day 5, Saturday (22nd July)

Free Day/Day Tour (signed up needed)

Tournament Committee Meeting 2 (if needed)

Day 6, Sunday (23rd July)

Round 5  — Prepared Debate

Round 6 —  Impromptu Debate

Tournament Committee Meeting 3 (if needed)

Day 7, Monday (24th July)

Round 7  — Prepared Debate

Round 8  — Impromptu Debate

Break Night Dinner and Break Announcements

Day 8, Tuesday (25th July)

Partial Double Octo Finals

Octo Finals

Cultural Night

Day 9, Wednesday (26th July)

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals

Day 10, Thursday (27th July)

Tournament Committee Meeting 4 (if needed)

Grand Final

Farewell Dinner and Prize Presentation

 Day 11, Friday (28th July)

Departures of all participants

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